Increase Customer
Trust and Raise

Verified SMS helps increase customer trust in brand communication and raise awareness at the same time by including the brand name, logo, description, link preview, and verification of each message – enhancing the customer experience for all types of SMS communication.

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Guaranteed Connections

  • Reach all your customers worldwide via a single API and enjoy uninterrupted SMS service at the scale you need.
  • With more direct operator connections than any other text messaging provider, Zendbird’s private cloud-based carrier grade network guarantees superior performance and reliability. Especially for mission critical use cases.

Expand Your Brand’s
Global Reach Without

  • Our built-in global compliance engine is constantly updated with the latest in-country regulations and operator requirements.
  • No need to worry about country specifics such as queuing, text tags, blackout periods, or sender IDs – we ensure compliance on your behalf.


Engage your customers with personalized targeted promotions for instant communication.


Your most asked questions

Best case scenario we will pay all profits at once within the first 12 – 18 months. But it will be possible to split your payments on yearly basis. We will currently start paying your profits 12 months after the launch date of ZuumPay.

ZuumPay goes operational across 50 countries with main offices in USA, South Africa, London, Nigeria, France and Dubai with its headquarters in Cameroon. We aim to launch ZuumPay at the end of 2020, this also depends on the success of our investment sharing campaign as we have to put a lot of things in place. A lot of work has been done and much more is being put in to ensure you have ZuumPay in your devices this year.

YES you will. Our goal of taking ZuumPay investment public rather that going for the traditional 1 or 3 people investment is because we want a fair system and to share with you the benefits of the system you will be using. And to this we at ZuumPay are working endlessly to make our company a global success and your contribution is a big requirement to complete this task.

The entire ZuumPay infrastructure runs on a decentralized network which will allow our services and Users to be able to access and manage their accounts from anywhere. ZuumPay will be setting up physical offices in key regions across all operating countries. We will setup POS stations, Agent points, and connect to all VISA processing machines worldwide for easy access to client’s money.

The minimum amount to be invested in ZuumPay per investor is $110 (61,100 xaf), and the maximum amount is $150,000 (83,317,300 xaf) per investor. You could add your investment within the period of the investment round but once its closed you will only receive payments on the amount you originally invested.

ZuumPay is a software as a service company, therefore we do not produce products to send to backers. In addition to this, most crowdfunding websites take 7.5 – 10% off the invested amount for themselves, what this means it that it will reduce our timeline and affect the milestones and launch date and regions.

We have received offers from investors who will immediately finance the project. But our goal is to give the people who will be using the product an opportunity to make a difference and share the benefits with us. For 1 or 3 people to invest the required sum and own the company while the people who will use ZuumPay on a daily basis have no extra benefit doesn’t sound fair to us; no one person should keep getting more.